January 2000- June 2014 Actual Evapo- Transpiration Data

The Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat (NILE-SEC), as part of its basin monitoring activities produces operational knowledge products on key basin processes. One of such knowledge products is the Nile Basin Actual Evapo-transpiration (ET), which is being generated using Remote Sensing based on an improved algorithm from the global MOD16ET algorithm for the Nile Basin. The improved algorithm uses daily meteorological data and MODIS land surface dynamic datasets as inputs for daily ET calculations. ET values are estimated for the entire Nile Basin with grid-cell size of 1 km and temporal resolution of 8 days. Aggregated values are available at monthly and annual time steps and cover the period January 2000 – June 2014. To estimate the MOD16 ET for the Nile Basin, the major improvements include estimating not only over vegetated land surfaces but also over deserts, urban areas, inland water bodies such as rivers and lakes.

This data is in beta stage, i.e. is being validated. Any feedbacks are most welcome and the Nile-Sec shall use the feedbacks for improving the product.

The data is available in *.tif and *.img file formats which are readable by GIS and remote sensing software and also as *csv files readable in excel. Remember to multiply value field by 0.1 to get mm/m

The 8day and annual files are available freely to Nile basin Countries stakeholders, academia and researchers via an ftp site upon request.