Proposed Framework, Options and Functions for a NBI/Nile River Basin Commission Agricultural Agenda

The report, provides information on a number of issues. Specifically, these are:
(i) Background to the study and its objectives;
(ii) Overview of water and agriculture in the basin, a review of basin cooperation and the comparative advantages of NBI having an agriculture agenda;
(iii) what core agriculture functions entail;
(iv) Extensive background reviews of river basin organisations around the world;
(v) A review of some NBI programmes of relevance to the agriculture sector;
(vi) Presentation of “framework, options and functions”, the main section of the report; and
(vii) A section called “turning good intentions into action”. This last section focuses on three issues: the links between drivers for change in the region and the proposed agriculture functions, a cost estimate of two initial activities per function, and six proposed “first” activities that NBI may choose to implement. These have been selected based on their potential to attract funding, addressing apparent needs, and providing a basis for further work.

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