In-field water management in irrigated agriculture: Adaptable best practices Training manual No. 8

This Training Manual provides insights as to how to save water used in irrigation, particularly at field level. It is meant to improve the skills of engineers, technicians, extension workers, managers and practitioners of irrigated agriculture, especially those working in smallholder irrigation in Africa. More specifically, the manual equips the reader with Knowledge on how to (i) identify causes and sources of water losses in irrigation, (ii) develop and apply agronomic measures that save water and/or increase productivity of the same water, (iii) plan and apply various techniques that Improve water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture, and (iv) implement modern and innovative ways of improving water productivity in irrigated agriculture. This Manual is meant to inform, educate, enhance knowledge and practice, targeting smallholder irrigation in the NEL region. The information contained here may not be exhaustive and thus, readers are encouraged to seek further information from references cited in this publication and elsewhere.