Welcome to Nile IS

The Nile Information System (Nile-IS) is a web based information system where users can get information from and contribute to it from different locations. The vision of Nile-IS is to become a “knowledge system” in the sense of being a comprehensive information system on the Nile, which shall support the systematic storage, retrieval, exchange and analysis of relevant information (e.g. documents, institutions, data, maps, etc.) on water, environment and socio-economic aspects of the Nile Basin.


The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is a partnership of the nine riparian countries that provides a forum for cooperative development of the water resources of the Nile River. The NBI has through implementation of the two complementary programs constituting the Strategic Action Plan 1999, largely achieved the first phase of its mission of building capacity, trust and confidence. The two complementary programs include:

NBI Centers

NBI Centers are the key pillars in the generation of knowledge within the Organization. Outputs can therefore be categorized by the center where the knowledge was generated. Most of the knowledge will be the output of NBI projects which have been successfully completed.

Water Resources Data

The Water resources data section is an online database which provides the Nile Basin stakeholders access to quality assured hydrological and Climatological datasets about River Nile Basin resources.


The Nile-IS contains knowledge that has been generated from within the organization and through collaboration with our partners, this knowledge can be categorized in the following key thematic areas;

NBI Networks

NBI has partnered with various institutions and organizations to share knowledge and information on the  management of  transboundary river basin organizations and challenges in water resources development. NBI is linked with Government Ministries in NBI member countries, Development Partners and Academic Institutions.